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The Stroud  Pound is all about strengthening our local economy, building new relationships and making us think about how we spend our money. Over £200 has been raised for local charity.


Stroud Pounds aren't the whole answer but are part of the shift that needs to happen to re-localise and build resilience for our future...more


The Stroud Pound is modelled on Europe's most successful local currency - the Chiemgauer in Germany.   See this Guardian article...




Annual General Meeting


Wednesday 4th July 2012 - Star Anise Cafe, Stroud - 7.15pm


Do join us for this year's Annual General meeting. It is a crucial one because the initiative needs to develop strongly over the coming years. The global financial situation demands new and creative approaches which those in charge seem powerless to develop. The Stroud pound model has great potential and is being promoted across Europe as a way to save the Euro (and the pound too) - see attached summary


To be effective the Stroud pound needs to be taken up and used widely throughout the district. At this meeting we want to explore how to encourage its use, share new ideas and gather a new group of active enthusiasts to take the Stroud and Stonehouse Pound to a new level. This includes finding new and enthusiastic directors.


The evening will begin with a brief introduction followed by a review of the year and a financial report (see attached summary). Then after electing the directors for the coming year we will have a free discussion about Stroud pound including a contribution from a new local currency initiative developing in Tewkesbury. This will followed by a short break for refreshments at Star Anise Cafe.


In the second part of the evening we will show a film about how commercial banks create most of the money we need for our economy through debt. It argues that the creation of money and the commerce of banking should be separated so that money once again becomes a freely available medium of exchange. It gives a good clear picture of the challenges and opportunities connected with money.


Get involved:   If you would like to become more actively involved and even serve as a director, please get in touch with one of the directors of Stroud Pound Co-op.


Newsletter February 2012


More value for your pound

The Directors of Stroud pound Co-op have decided to add a new feature to the experience of using SPs. From now until 31st March whenever you exchange £10 you will receive 11SPs. This will mean that users of SPs will have 10% more to spend with participating shops and businesses. A win win situation for both consumers and traders. We will review it at the end of this period and consider whether, if and how to make it a permanent arrangement without compromising our commitment to maintaining adequate sterling back up reserves. Call in at the SVP Eco shop with your membership card for your SPs.


Help and support

At present a small group of people is carrying the SP initiative. We all work at it on a volunteer basis and therefore have limited time at our disposal. There is however lots to do not least in the field of promotion. We need new traders of all kinds as well as more people who spend SPs. A few hours of your time could make a huge difference. We can give you all the necessary information and sign up forms. Please contact us if you would like to help.


New flyers and brochures

Most of you will have now seen the new brochure listing all the participating shops and businesses. Every participating shop should have them available. Other information points could also display them. If you notice they have run out please ask for more and if you would like some to distribute please contact us. There is also a box of brochures  kept at the Eco Shop in Threadneedle Street.

Also attached are some simple flyers for consumers, traders and charities to use complete with joining forms. Please use them to enrol more members.


Local trade sponsors

One of the innovative ideas behind the development of Stonehouse pounds was the idea that businesses and particularly the larger employers could pay a regular loyalty bonus to their staff in local currency - a scenario which could bring new money into circulation and more life to the High Street. It is an idea which could be developed across the district.


Appeal to charities

Member charities stand to benefit directly from the circulation of SPs.  The more a charity's supporters take and spend SPs, the more will they raise. Enrolling supporters as members of Stroud Pound Co-op could therefore be an important fund raising activity.   



How do I join and where can I spend Stroud Pounds?


This website contains separate information and downloadable joining forms for consumers/shoppers, traders/businesses and charities.   Forms can be filled in and returned to the address below together with the correct membership payment and any request for Stroud Pounds.


Alternatively, you can join the scheme in person and exchange Sterling Pounds for Stroud Pounds at the following outlets and exchange points in Stonehouse, Minchinhampton, Nailsworth and Stroud.


A list of participating traders, businesses and services are here.


Who runs the scheme?


Stroud Pound Co-op Ltd. has been set up as a viable not-for-profit enterprise that will run and administer the scheme on behalf of its members. The project is an initiative of the Transition Stroud Lifestyles and Livelihoods Group (www.transitionstroud.org)  It is run entirely by volunteers.


The scheme is based on the Chiemgauer—a highly successful local currency in Germany (www.chiemgauer.eu)  The Stroud Pound has the support of Stroud Town Council.



QUESTION OF THE WEEK (Lots more questions here):

I already shop locally.  Why should I join?


If you already shop locally then come and join us.  We need your support!  When a community works together it can flourish, even in harsh times like a recession.   Supporting the local currency is one way that we can show commitment to each other and to a sustainable future.  It’s not about ‘me’, it’s about ‘us’.


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